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Find Your Health ZoneHi, my name is Scott.  Welcome to!

Wasn’t it great when we were kids?  It was a simple time.  We never thought about such things as “losing weight,” “afternoon fatigue,” “dieting,” “anti-inflammatories,” “anti-histamines,” or “ant-acids”?  We had a metabolism that would literally burn through anything we stuffed in our mouths.  We were highly active every single day, tapping into our seemingly unlimited energy reserves!  We were full of life, invincible, could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and run through walls.  We were in our natural health zone!

As my wife Lory and I crossed into our not-so-fabulous 40s, we started asking ourselves … “what has happened?”  Is there a way back, or is this just the new normal?  While we struggled with our no-energy, weight-gaining, allergy-riddled, brain-fogged selves, we were getting to know our kids’ pediatrician better than most of our family members.  We had one of our three children in his office at least once a month for an illness. They had ear infections, breathing issues, secondary infections etc-etc.  We didn’t have all of these issues when we were kids.  I never even saw a “pediatrician,” and the only times I ever remember seeing our family doctor was for broken bones, stitches, or chicken pox!  It’s like we were starting to realize for the first time we had all landed in the twilight zone!

We were getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and were ready to do something about it.  We had no idea where to start. We realize now that we just ‘didn’t know what we didn’t know.’  The hard part was filtering through all of the junk advertising, the not-so-healthy “health” products, fad-diet propaganda, and silly food-labeling tricks … all while juggling everything else in our lives.

USHealthDeclineAs we started researching, we quickly realized we were not alone.  Statistics show continually rising numbers of the U.S. population are having difficulties with weight gain and declining health.  In January of 2013, The National Academies Press released a report showing the United States ranking dead last in health out of 17 affluent countriesWhat???  Our hospital system employs extremely hard-working, caring doctors, nurses, and staff.  With these dedicated individuals, the finest hospitals, medical universities, research facilities, and leading-edge medical technologies in the world, how could we fall this far behind?

The U.S. Center for Disease Control states that 69% of our over 300 million citizens are now considered overweight.  Half of that number is classified as clinically obese.  Along with this, over 50% of the population suffers from at least one chronic illness, and these numbers all continue to rise.  What is changing to cause this?  #1) modern food supply #2) modern conveniences #3) modern toxin exposure.  In our world today, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle … not easier.

In attempt to turn things around, most of us are INCORRECTLY trying anything to lose weight (or fat) to achieve better health. Instead …

we need to achieve better health … and weight (fat) will naturally and permanently melt away!

Find Your Health Zone

The very first step … define and visualize your ultimate personal health zone.  Measurable numbers such as weight, sugar levels, and “mile time” are very important to include, but more importantly, imagine what life will be like when you are there!  For example, how will endless energy, vitality, a positive outlook, and more confidence FEEL?  How will it affect other areas of your life?  Write down your personal definition in your own words.  This vision will create the motivation you will need to push through the tough times.  To make it a reality, there are three vital areas to master:

HealthZonePrimaryCategories1 – Nourishment

(Taking in proper, adequate, and consistent nutrition from “Real Food,” alkaline water, and targeted herbal and natural dietary supplements)

2 – Personal Fitness

(Engaging in moderate to intense aerobic exercise AND muscle strength conditioning)

3 – Toxic Load

(Removing existing toxins and reducing chronic synthetic chemical exposure)

Each page and post here will focus on details for improving and maintaining these three primary categories in order to help you …  find your health zone!

With this approach, now in our mid-40s, Lory and I are both back to our optimal weights with soaring youthful energy levels!   We no longer rely on pots of coffee and guzzler diet drinks to prop us up throughout the day.  We nor our children have visited a doctor’s office for anything other than a preventative checkup in over two years running.  Over-the-counter medications are now non-existent in our home.  We have found our health zone and simply cannot keep to ourselves what we have learned over these past several years!

Our primary purpose here is to share natural, common-sense, evidence-based systems that work, and to provide on-going valuable healthy-lifestyle tips. Our ultimate mission is to help you Find Your Health Zone in a much shorter time that it took us!

If you are young
You have a chance to do it right the first time!

If you are searching for solutions
and up to the challenge for finding your health zone, we want to point you in the right direction and help you get there!

If you are already on the right path
and looking to accelerate results to a whole new level, we want to help you do it!

If you are at the top of your game
and are looking for the edge, we want to help you achieve it!


We will create the environment for our bodies to thrive and do what they were designed to do!  There simply is not a single “silver bullet” to preventing illness and living a healthy and active lifestyle.  However, there are key steps we can take and choices we can make… that will profoundly influence our overall wellness for a lifetime.  It is truly empowering to know there is a healthy and permanent way to lose weight.  It is truly empowering to learn that age IS just a number.  It is truly empowering to learn that we are not supposed to FEEL old after forty!  If nothing else, we encourage everyone to create a habit of learning.  Read, question, and test “all things” where health is concerned.  YOU are your family’s #1 advocate.  Thank you for visiting.  We hope you find your time spent here profitable!  Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated, and we will always do our very best to answer questions promptly.

To living your best life! Scott Lindsay



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  1. Andrea

    Scott & Lory, you guys have done a great job with this site…. It’s obvious that you have spent countless hours researching and I look forward to new stories each time! I’ve started with the change in nutrition and no sodas or sweet tea! Pretty tough for a southern girl to give up sweet tea but I’ve already noticed such a difference! Thanks again! So excited for you guys!

    1. Lory Lindsay

      Thank you for the sweet comments, Andrea! Yes, anything we can do to eat more “REAL” foods and avoid sugar/artificial sweeteners are steps in the right direction. Personally, we have found that our energy levels are higher now and that when the right nutrients are going in, cravings are reduced significantly. You are doing the right thing for yourself and your family! Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Jan Brase

    Scott, I’ve looked at each page of your site and love it. I’m even bookmarking it for future reference! Your theme is very similar to the one I’m using for my site, but just a little different I think. What is the name of it? Thanks


    1. Scott Lindsay

      Hi Jan! Thank you for those very kind words :) Our site theme is called “graphene.”
      Have a great night! Scott

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